About Saath Saath

Vidya Tai Bal, the renowned activist – journalist along with her colleagues from the well-known magazine “Miloon saaryajani” started Saath Saath in 1994. In 1999 the team decided to go a step further, Saath Saath went from being a mere marriage bureau to also being a “marriage study circle” (Vivaha abhyaas mandal).
Mission Statement
To provide a platform where all can prepare and learn to handle marriage by a structured and conscious approach, leading to a more meaningful married life, and prospering as individuals, family and finally, as a society. (To provide a platform that encourages free discussions and study to one and all in an endeavor to create a harmonious society as a result of conscious, studied and realistic approach towards the marriage institutions.)
What exactly is “Saath Saath?”
Saath Saath means being together. It brings forth the importance of co-existence in a marriage. Befitting to its name Saath Saath takes up all activities relevant to the marriage constitution. The forum consciously studies the marriage system and the societal approach to marriage in relevance to the Indian culture and social system, the Kutumb Sanstha. The forum analyzes the various aspects and examines pros and cons of current marriage system through interaction and group activities. The interaction and activities allow eligible boys or girls to understand the basics, and consciously study the concepts, duties, possible pitfalls and value additions related to marriage and in married life. It prepares the young minds to create a life where both the individuals would be partners in the true sense. They will realize that both as individuals bring something special to the partnership and that each of them is equal in this partnership. They will understand the importance of respecting the other individual and encouraging his/her personal growth as persons. All things relevant to the different stages of marriage and married life are discussed and studied. People from all walks of life with no bar to age are part of this forum and are welcomed to participate.
What has “Saath Saath” achieved?
In the past decade of its activities, Saath Saath has been witness to more than 50 successful marriages where both are members of Saath Saath. It has also contributed to more than 100 marriages where one of the partners was from Saath Saath. Saath Saath has had over 1000 members in these past years!!! Saath Saath has proved to be a unique group that empowers youths and their parents. It has helped many young individuals to cope positively during the most critical phase of their life and make sound decisions regarding marriage and marriage partners. Most of all it has succeed in transforming confused young minds to confident individuals ready to lead lives as better persons and partners!