Regular Activities

Every Thursday between 6 to 8 in the evening karyakartas are present at our activity venue-Marathwada Mitramandal college of commerce,hall no.1.New registrations are done.The members can meet here and have informal interactions. Karyakartas also provide individual guidance for members and non members during this period.The members can sit and search through the bio data-files for suitable match.
Every Sunday except first Sunday of a month and public holidays,Saath Saath organizes interesting yet educational programs for members.These are planned and designed to prepare SaathSaath members for long,happy and enriching married life.These programs also promote friendship among members which may result in finding a soul mate. These activities are- 1.Group discussions on the current topics or suggested by members or planned by Karyakartas. Some times discussions cover films,plays,books or newspaper/magazine articles. 2.Games/activities for acquiring skills such as communication skills,relationship skills,making choices,introspection, stress management, rational thinking,financial planning etc. 3. lecture/AV presentations by experts in various fields.(doctors,counselors,) for topics mentioned earlier. 4.Special feature, twice a year- long session on Sexuality education (sex and gender,myths) followed by Q and A. 5."finding a partner and preparing for marriage" A loosely framed/flexible curriculum of 12 session is also followed once every month. 6. Interaction with couples. Married and sometimes live-in couples - couples are invited to narrate their own experiences of finding their partner and their path towards successful,happy marriage.Done truthfully and followed by Q and A . we call this in Marathi - " Sahajeevanachya Gappa" 7. Monsoon Picnic-usually overnight.Filled with educational and fun activities designed for members to know each other better. 8. Dandiya once a year just for fun and meeting each other.