Free/Off line/Online membership- By paying rs.1500/- you can become offline member and you can come to Saath Saath to see the forms(max for 2 years). By paying additional 1000/- you can become Online member as well but for a period of 1 year only. You get much more facilities with this like rating on your profile, you can see all the forms with contact details online & can send request also to others.

Interested individuals can attend one of the Sunday program, so as to understand how exactly the organisation works. They can also interact with the office bearers to know more about the advantages of the programs conducted before opting for the membership.

The Registration fee is Rs. 1500/- Max for 2 (Two) year. Plus you can add an On line membership with Rs. 1000/- p.a.
(effective from 01 June 2011)

In person registration-A single page form is to be filled immiditely after registration.A passport size photo is required for this form. 8 (eight) page form is provided at the time of registration which is to be filled up by the members only after reading the form thoroughly and put in a proper thought process while doing the same. Members can have 10-15 days to fill the form, during which they can consult the office bearers/ counselors if necessary. The duly filled form will be reviewed with the office bearers/ counselors with prior appointment on Thursdays and Sundays.This form is submitted with a passport size photo.Members are allowed to read other member's forms only after submitting this form.Members are requested to inform Kayakartas if and when they are engaged and/or married.

Anybody can go to our site and with the help of his/her maild ID they can register for free membership, Paid members can see their forms but they can't see others forms. After you put your mail ID and CAPTCHA, you will recieve the password on your mail. you have to login with mail ID & the password provided in mail. Pls change the password and fill up the full form with photos. If you send us a mail for becoming PAID member we will send you the details for sending payment & after we recive the payment we will change your same form to paid one. then you have to fill the full form on website only.